Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oct 17 2012

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Vintage 1970's Black and White X Checkerd Houndstooth Woven Tote Bag -The "everything" tote, ideal for a fashionable shopping tote, daily bag or date night purse! Adorable striking woven work and braided handle. Buy it now at FloraChild

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Vintage 1980's Black and White Striped Knit Crew Neck Sweater Blouse -the perfect fall basic to any wardrobe! Buy it now at FloraChild

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Pair vintage petite knit with a fitted tweed blazer in a lighter color, roll up sleeves. Throw on a colorful statement necklace, like this turquoise beaded one, for a unique one of a kind look. Don't leave home without a textural carry all tote in hand. This outfit is chic, modern with French flare. xo FloraChild

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